Awards & Ausstelungen

Photography Awards


Honorable Mention in "Nature, Astrophotography" category. International Photography Awards 2021 (IPA 2021)


The 1st place in "Astrophotography" category among 13000 participants. International Photography Awards 2020 (IPA 2020).


In 2015 Tokyo has announced him as official FUJIFILM X-Photographer


The 1st place in "People & Sky" category as "Astrophotographer of the Year 2014" (London, England, Royal Greenwich Observatory and BBC Sky at Night magazine on 17.09.2014)


Invitation to Royal Greenwich Observatory from a selection of 2200 photographers among 20 (London, England, Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2011 on 8.9.2011)


The 1st place for digital media achievement from Hawaii Pacific University in First Look Mixed Media Festival (USA, Honolulu, May 7, 2010)


The 1st place in 27th Okinawan Festival Sharing Uchinanchu Aloha Photo Contest in culture category (USA, Honolulu, September 5 and 6, 2009)


The 1st place in Philipps University photography   competition “Marburg in picture” (Germany, Marburg, January 12, 2009)


Photography Exhibitions


Exhibition "Gewitterstimmung", (Germany, Carolinensiel, 25.01.2023 - 01.03.2023)


Exhibition "Eclipses solares en Argentina", (Buenos-Aires, Argentina, 12.05.2019 - 14.07.2019)



The 4th International Izmir Photography Days 03-20 May 2018 - 4. Uluslarrrasi Izmir Fotograf Günleri 03-20 Mayis 2018


Exhibition "India Astro Photo Festival 2012" (New Delhi, India, Nehru Planetarium / December 2012)


Exhibition "Space Night"  (Germany, Marburg, KFZ, February 10, 2012)


Urban Culture Festival Marburg in Trauma Kino with short movie "Hawaii Skaters Ultimatum" and "Life in a Day" (Germany, Marburg, July 23, 2010)


Hawaii Pacific University First Look Mixed Media Exhibition (USA, Honolulu, from May 7, 2010)


Hawaii Pacific University O’hana Art Exhibition (USA, Honolulu, from March 14 till April 23, 2010)


Opening Night Event in Trauma Cinema with short films “Marburg Revolution” and “Le Parkour” (Germany, Marburg, February 6, 2009)


Philipps University: “Marburg in Picture” (Germany, Marburg, January 12, 2009)


Night Saloon Photography Exhibition (Germany, Marburg, July 1, 2008)